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Rules Changing


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I am going to share my opinion i think the following 2 changes should be done in bc game......

1..... you should reduce withdrawal fees or you should reduce exchange coins fees ..... 

2.... and last thing you should make level getting easier in first levels.... because in my view you are just paying to those people who are already rich in btc .... 

3.... you have to make changes in the spin option.... everytime jb everyday jb doesn't looks cool 

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Thank you for your feedback first, i will answer about this 😁

1. Withdraw fee is depending on blockchain fee. If blockchain need high fee, it will increased automatically.

2. $1 for 1XP is great calculation. first 4 level you only need $1000 wager. Its wager, not deposit.

3. We planning to change our daily freespin mechanism soon.

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