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Player Opinions about a possible TRC20 JB token


Player Opinions about a possible TRC20 JB token ~POLL CLOSES MARCH 1st at 12:00AM EST!~  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see a TRC20 JB implemented?

    • YES! I would even add to the liquidity pool to boost its overall value!
    • NO! That is bullshit and I want nothing to do with another JB! Even if it actually holds trade value!
    • this choice is not going to be counted, here is the link to the TRC20 contract: https://tronscan.io/#/token20/TTsAcBnFxmJvbPAGDD9QsZo2J8akzaGQyN
    • if you are in, sign the petition on Change.org! (it has not been listed to poloniDEX yet) : http://chng.it/JMfHybT2

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Hey guys, I figured its about time to share this... I have made a TRC20 JB token with a cap at exactly 1Billion tokens, it is non mintable, non mineable.

A few of you already have this token, some have already added to the liquidity pool on Justswap.


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